Hockey Stickhandling

    Coach Dave provides stickhandling group classes along with private lessons for improving hockey stick handling, specifically: 

  • reaching wide to get at those loose pucks
  • a variety of ways to dribble the puck
  • many ways to improve toe control
  • learn to cup the puck to have "soft hands"
  • learn to fake the opponent out
  • many specific moves that can be used for scoring or gaining an advantage on the ice

    You might be already stick handling at home, but working with Dave has the advantage of:
  • quality “hands on” instruction
  • new “skill appropriate” homework sheet given each session
  • know that the skills get progressively harder
  • get lots of variety and quality repetitions
  • individual corrections given
  • time each session devoted to focused muscle strengthening

“This instruction provides structure and commitment to help
improve a player's skills with the puck, which is one of the most
important aspects of the game of hockey.”

Text Dave or Marcellus at 651.214.0726 to book your private lesson today!

Stickhandling lessons are held on dryland in Roseville and Richfield locations or on hockey development ice sessions at Richfield and Woog arenas.