Current Offerings

(updated 3/27/2020)
Due to the covid-19 safety concerns, the rinks in the 
twin cities are all closed for now.  Send Dave a text
if you want to be notificed for lessons when things
do resume some day.  

A) Outdoor ice rink at our Eagan home
The rink is melted, but we do have our stick handling and shooting area 
replacing it.

B) Highland Hockey Power Skating (aka: "learn to skate") 
What: 30 min group class each Monday night  with other hockey players, learning the proper way to skate in order to play hockey
Where: Highland Ice Arena (in St. Paul)
When: monday nights  (530pm, 6pm and 6:40pm) spring session starts March 2nd, 2020
Cost: $119 for 8 weeks after you register for 'Learn to Skate USA'
Other: get lots of technique corrections, wear full gear, bring your stick, have fun!
Note: players can skate in the practice area before or after class, but they cannot use their stick in the practice area
    5:30-6:00pmHockey 1st & 2nd year Mites
    6:00-6:30pmHockey Mini-Mite Class
    6:40-7:10pm Hockey 1st & 2nd Year Mite & Squirts, *NEW Beginner Hockey
Registration info here

C) Stick handling on-ice intensive class - Highland rink
When: Monday nights (next one is Feb. 3rd, 2020) 7:10pm - 7:40
Where: Highland Ice Arena
Who: advanced mites/squirts or older (even adults!)
drop-in for $20 (paid to David - this includes the ice fee)
Ongoing: every Monday night through April 20th, 2020!

  Perfect your puck handling with basic through advanced techniques in forehand and backhand stick handling. We will start with a basic movement with a focus on perfect technique, then complexity is progressively added. Skills such as stick handling quickly around pucks and through sticks, dekes, controlling the puck in confined spaces and open ice, and puck handling with your inside and outside edges of your skates will give players an edge when facing opponents. There is also a focus on building the muscles needed to help maximize improvement.
All prices include 30 minutes of warm-up ice at Highland before class (no sticks for this, please) and the ice time for the class including professional hockey skills coaching from David Krueger.
note: the highland learn to skate session is going on, and they have a "practice area" on the ice.
contact Dave directly, if interested.

D) Spring/summer on-ice off-season training - no lines, lots of repetitions & corrections!
(aka: powerskating, stick-handling, shooting, etc)
Dave will be teaching a regular hockey group class that will get each hockey player a great foundation of hockey power skating, puck skills involving: stick handling, shooting, scoring moves, puck protection, and much more!   The class size will be small which will allow for lots of personal attention and correction, along with no waiting in lines, and packed with lots of quality repetitions.

Dave will provide two separate 45 min classes each session.  One for beginners and Mites who at a minimum can skate around, stop and do basic stick-handling.  The other class will be for all others: squirts, peewees, bantoms and adults.  If there is a difference in skill levels, Dave will tailer the skill to match the student (i.e. - have them do a harder version of the skill, or even an easier version, in order to fit where the student is at to maximize their gains).
​Where: Woog arena in South St. Paul
How long: 45 minutes
Cost: $45/class (includes $15 ice fee) or a 5 class punch card for $200 ($25 in savings)
group size: no more than 5 athletes in each class!
how to pay?: just email or text Dave and let him know when to expect you (at least 2 days before the class)

Dates/times:                Mite class                            Older group 
April 18th(Sat):         1:00pm-1:45pm                   1:45pm-2:30pm
​May 6th(Wed):          5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
May 9th(Sat):            9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
May 13th(Wed):        5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
May 20th(Wed):         5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
​May 27th(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                 5:55pm-6:40pm
May 30th(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
June 3rd(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
June 6th(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
June 10th(Wed):         5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
​June 13th(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
​June 17th(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
June 20th(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
June 24th(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
​June 27th(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
July 1st(Wed):          4:30pm-5:15pm                   5:15pm-6:00pm
​July 8th(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
July 11th(Sat):         9:00am-9:45am                 9:45am-10:30am
July 15th(Wed):       4:30pm-5:15pm                   5:15pm-6:00pm
​July 18th(Sat):         9:00am-9:45am                 9:45am-10:30am
​July 22nd(Wed):       4:30pm-5:15pm                   5:15pm-6:00pm
July 25th(Sat):         9:00am-9:45am                 9:45am-10:30am
​July 29th(Wed):       5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
Aug 1st(Sat):           9:00am-9:45am                   9:45am-10:30am
Aug 5th(Wed):           5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm
Aug 12th(Wed):       5:10pm-5:55pm                   5:55pm-6:40pm

E) Private lessons during open skate sessions
    Text Dave or Becky to schedule your private lessons at your convenience today.

F) Richfield Skate School group lessons--held year round
Becky is the Skate School Director for the City of Richfield, contact the Richfield arena or to register for group lessons.

G) Eagan Hockey Association and other cities (skating skills coaching)
    We often get asked to coach skating skills during hockey practices for various teams, book us to help your team get an edge on the competition!

H) Special large group parties and events
    On occasion a large group might rent the arena for a special event.  They hire us to give a party style skating lesson.  It's a fun and unique experience for everyone to get a little skating instruction.  We incorporate toys and games to make it extra fun for your guests.  Skating parties can be held on indoor or outdoor rinks. Get your party coach booked today!

Eagan, Inver Grove Heights and Richfield arenas        Private Lessons  

    During the summer we have more ice sessions available to us and more coaching availability.  Coach Marcellus is also available for private lessons during the summer while he is on break from St. Thomas Academy.  Marcellus works with both hockey and figure skaters alike of all ages.  He plays high school and Tier 1 Magicians hockey along with being a 2 time US National Figure Skating competitor and Sectional Medalist in Ice Dance. He is on staff at the Richfield Skate School.  Text Dave or Becky anytime to book your lessons today!